Soil Testing

CRAL knows soil. Our accredited and detailed analysis of your soil sample forms the basis for soil fertility programs tailored specifically to your production targets.

Plant Testing

By analysing plant health and the level of nutrients a plant is able to uptake through the roots and leaves with a highly cost-effective monitoring tool for maintaining plant health and maximising production.

Water Testing

Good quality water is essential no matter how it's used. Chemical analysis of your water sample is the key to determining suitability for agriculture or domestic uses.


CRAL delivers high quality independent soil, plant and water analytical services to enable better farming

With a highly skilled team, automated processes, robust methods and equipment, we analyse hundreds of samples per day, ensuring fast turnarounds and quality results.


  • The Charles Renard Analytical Laboratory (CRAL) is state-of-the-art laboratory engaged relentlessly in soil, plant and water analysis since 1978
  • Capacity to analyze up to 250 samples per day for 14 parameters (including primary, macro- and micronutrients)
  • Received accreditation from FAO-GLOSOLAN in 2019
  • Being a service laboratory we are committed to provide precise analytical data within the stipulated timeframe
  • Our aim is to serve as a focal point to strengthen the performance of soil laboratories across the country which will cater the future requirements of swift and precise quality analysis of a sizeable number of samples
  • High-precision, automated equipment: Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscope (MPAES)
  • Qualified and trained technical staff
  • Quality assurance monitored by Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Safe and eco-friendly disposal of hazardous wastes


Soil Analysis


Crop Analysis


Water Analysis


Total analysis

For Researcher

We at CRAL are dedicatedly serving the agriculture research fraternity by providing accurate and time bound analytical services. Plant breeders, soil scientists, academicians and other agriculture domain experts rely on us for the precision analysis that we have been providing since 1978.We are also engaged in developing and harmonizing analytical methods in compliance with eminent scientists under the FAO GLOSOLAN umbrella..

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For Funder

CRAL is committed to providing an accredited soil, water and plant testing services to the funders. Also our expertise lies in analyzing voluminous soil/plant samples and devising recommendations which significantly improves the soil and plant health. We provide an end to end service wherein the requisitioned can find out the estimated pricing upfront with our online platform, place their order, ship and track the sample throughout the testing process. Finally, our highly accurate results are displayed in a user friendly way and easily accessible to the requisitioner anytime in the future.

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For Intern

CRAL has been in the forefront to guide the young minds and groom them in the competitive world of soil analytics. CRAL groomed interns have gained heights in the agriculture research sector across India and abroad. We are successfully associated with state agricultural universities, private universities, colleges for undertaking laboratory based research projects.

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